Chronic illness & Chronic pain

In studies, they stress out animals by pinning them down. The animals get even more stressed out when they get pinned down and hurt.

Welcome to how most people experience the doctor or dentist.

When talking to a client about going to the dentist, they told me that a previous dentist had slammed their head against the chair when they wouldn’t hold still. Yeah, no shit that they don’t like going to the dentist now.

my clients with chronic illness and/or chronic pain tell me stories like that all the time.

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I wish I could pretend stories like that are rare.

Unfortunately, medical care often causes vicarious trauma to the providers. Handling it may involve completely disconnecting from the pain that they constantly witness. Which then means that they act like they don’t give a shit about your pain. Or they don’t care about causing you pain.

People going through chronic pain counseling talk about how they wish they could just forget traumatic things that happened. Amnesia drugs have even been created and tested to see if they help prevent PTSD. The problem with this is that your body remembers whether or not you do.

Heel sticks are the most common way to draw blood from infants. Infants who had a stay in the NICU often go on to hate having their ankles and feet touched.

Surgeries- your body is not thrilled with being cut open or penetrated even if you don’t consciously remember the experience.

Stress impacts the body in a lot of ways. It shuts down unnecessary systems, such as digestion and reproduction. Which can also cause long-term issues in these systems if the stress goes on too long. If you are running from a tiger, your body doesn’t need to be making babies or wasting energy on making poop. Your body heals when you relax and sleep. If you never relax, your body never heals properly.

People with past trauma are more likely to have extended stress, which means they are more likely to have more medical issues. Especially auto-immune issues if they had interpersonal trauma. Two of the largest causes of inflammation in the body are shame and social rejection.

A lot of chronic illnesses cause chronic pain.

Chronic Pain is the worst.

3D x-ray of three pain points in the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. They have been struggling with managing chronic pain. Badass Therapy offers pain management counseling in denver, co, chronic illness counseling, chronic pain counseling, and other services! Get in touch with a chronic illness therapist today!

Nobody thinks clearly or is thrilled about their existence when they are in pain.

If the pain is bad enough for long enough and your quality of life has suffered enough, suicide starts to feel like your best option. If we can’t talk openly about this, I can’t help you decide why continued living might be your best option.

It’s even worse when the medical system makes you feel like nobody is listening to you. You have to repeat yourself to every provider and they don’t remember anything you told them last time.

It can feel like nobody can help with chronic pain management as they refer you to different specialists. They focus solely on prolonging your life without considering the quality of your life.

They may even start to hint that it’s all in your head if they can’t find anything physically wrong.

“The courage it took to get out of bed each morning to face the same things over and over was enormous.
Charles Bukowski

Medical appointments are weird because they cross bizarre consent lines because you have no choice but to consent to things that you actually don’t want, but have to do for your health.

Especially in a society that doesn’t teach you that the medical provider works for you, you can say no, and you can request a different provider. But even that can get exhausting as you search for good providers, including a chronic illness therapist, who can actually help.

Online chronic pain counseling in Colorado can help you feel less alone in these experiences and give you a chance to share what it’s like for you, with someone who will listen and remember. We can identify ways to help make your medical care better, including figuring out ways for you to advocate for yourself through the process.

Online Chronic Pain Counseling in Colorado

Online chronic illness therapy is just as effective as in person chronic pain therapy.

As a spoonie, you probably have to be careful where you spend your energy. Online therapy allows you to attend even on days you feel awful. You don’t have to worry about being in a car. You’ll have easy access to the things you use at home to manage your pain or illness. And no worrying about catching some illness at my office.

We can still use CBT, somatic therapy, and sound therapy to help you. All you have to do is roll over and grab your phone or laptop.

3D x-ray of person hunched over in pain. Multiple pain spots brightly emanate from the brain, to the feet. Badass Therapy offers chronic pain counseling in denver, co, pain management counseling in denver, co, and other services! Contact us today for help with managing chronic pain, and get the support you deserve!
You can do online therapy in Colorado with a chronic illness therapist, whether you live in Denver, Avon, Aspen, Vail, or Carbondale.

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