I have shit self-esteem

You live in a society that is filled with guilt and shame where so many people have low self-esteem.

As a child, you got bullied and called a weirdo for anything that made you different from others.

At school and work you might have gotten in trouble for:

If you went to church, people said that your desires were sinful and you were going to hell.

Society tells you that you aren’t skinny enough, attractive enough, white enough, straight enough, masculine enough, gender conforming enough, Judeo-Christian enough, rich enough, smart enough, monogamous enough, or sexually vanilla enough.

College student lays on the ground of a library as she reads a comic book. She has felt more comfortable reading comics after counseling for self-esteem in denver, co. Badass Therapy offers low self-esteem therapy in denver, co, self confidence counseling in denver, co, counseling for self-esteem, and more. Contact us today for the support you deserve.
Confident woman leans against a railing as she looks off to the right. She is feeling more sure of herself after low self-esteem therapy in denver, co. Badass Therapy offers self cofidence counseling in denver, co, confidence counseling, and counseling for self-esteem in denver, co. Contact us today and find new ways to love yourself!

You’ve Always Struggled with low Self-Esteem.

You start to notice that people treat you like you are less than them.  Treating you like you’re a child or aren’t even human.  Sometimes you feel like a piece of furniture in the room because they don’t even acknowledge your existence enough to be mean to you. You start to question whether you’re even real.

You begin to think “I hate myself” or “I’m not lovable.”  Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay are in your head yelling at you and telling you how much you suck and will never amount to anything.

Nothing you do is ever good enough.

You can’t ever make a mistake and you constantly doubt your decisions.

Changes are torture for you because they involve so many unknowns and require you to make so many fucking decisions.

If things don’t go well, you know it’s because you did something wrong or because you just didn’t try hard enough.

You may get excited about something for a moment, but then the tiniest comment or look from someone else brings you down. Sometimes what brings you down is just your own thoughts about what others might say or think.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” -Dita Von Teese

Self esteem counseling in colorado can help you:

Have self-love.

Be as nice to yourself as you are to other people, especially when you make a mistake.

Make decisions and be able to follow through on those decisions.  

Believe in yourself.  

Like yourself.

We will work together to figure out where those problems started and whose voices are in your head.

Woman leans right arm against metal railing. She is looking confidently off to the right because she has completed self confidence counseling in denver, co. Badass Therapy offers self-esteem counseling, confidence counseling in denver, co, and more. Contact us today to start self confidence counseling today.

We’ll start to identify what your tiny inner voice is barely squeaking out that you ignore. And we’ll teach it how we want it to talk to you. We will help you start to believe the things about yourself and others that will help you to like and love yourself.

We are damaged through our relationships with other people, so the healing has to happen through relationships with other people. This will be a team effort- you, me, and anybody else we decide needs to be on your team.  We can start  low self-esteem therapy today!

Online therapy for low self-esteem in Colorado

Online therapy is just as effective as in person self-esteem counseling. We get to use the same techniques to help with low confidence- CBT, somatic therapy, and sound therapy. Online therapy can be better if you worry about being judged. Because nobody is going to see you outside my office or in my waiting room. And you get to control how much of you I get to see.

You can do online therapy in Colorado with a self-esteem therapist. Whether you live in Denver, Louisville, Broomfield, Lafayette, or Longmont.

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Tia Young now if you feel ready to start therapy for low self-esteem in denver, co.

learn more about how I can help if people stress you out.

If you think something caused your low self-esteem, check out bad shit happened.

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