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Responding to Cues of Safety & Danger (5/6)

My takeaways from a presentation by Deb Dana. We cannot always be safe and social. We are at our healthiest when we can easily respond to cues of danger and quickly return to feeling safe and social. We cannot overstress our system or we kick into survival mode.

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Cues of Safety (4/6)

When you are in dorsal vagal response you are more able to: be social; connected to self, others, the world, spirit; communicate; engage in growth and restoration; co-regulate and self-regulate; tune into the moment and tune out distractions; be resourced and resourceful; reach out for and offer support; explore options be flexible; be resilient.

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Cues of Life-Threat (3/6)

When you are in dorsal vagal response you might feel: zoned out; shut down; unaware; immobilized; disconnected; numb; foggy; collapsed; drained; untethered; floating; alone; lost; abandoned; unreachable; hopeless; invisible; dissociated.

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Cues of Danger (2/6)

When you are in sympathetic nervous system response you might feel anxious; panicked; alarmed; hypervigilant; sense of unease and impending danger; sense of separation or feeling cut off from others; disconnected from self, others, world, spirit; may enter into “deer in the headlights” freeze.

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Cues of Safety & Danger (1/6)

My takeaways from a presentation by Deb Dana. Safety is an embodied experience. Our bodies are always scanning for cues of safety and danger. We all respond differently to the same cues. The cues of safety have to outweigh the cues of danger.

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Drive to survive and Longing to Connect

My takeaways from a presentation by Deb Dana. We have the drive to survive and the longing to connect. 5 minutes of viewing nature makes you more resilient. People seek therapists who are warm and confident. Stretching, self-touch, and sighing are good self-care.

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Attachment Styles and Sex

My commentary on a presentation about how attachment issues might correlate with sexual issues, including not having orgasms, having delayed or premature ejaculation, or having pain with sex. I include an activity they suggested and an activity of my own.

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Feminine and Masculine Traits

My commentary on a presentation about feminine and masculine traits, which are separate from gender expression. It includes how this manifests for us individually and how it impacts our relationships. I also include a couple of the activities they suggested.

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What is Professional?

Seth Godin says “People like us do things like this.” I have often been given feedback about what standards others apply to me that cause them to label me as unprofessional because in their mind, professionals don’t do things like that. What are your standards of professionalism? Where did they come from? Are they helpful?

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We so often compare ourselves to others’ highlight reels or their carefully edited end products, so I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at some of what happened as I created the videos for my website.

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