Drive to survive and Longing to Connect

Presenter: Deb Dana

We have two drives- the drive to survive and the longing to connect. Sometimes these work together and other times they are in opposition.

“Trauma is a chronic disruption of connectedness.” -Stephen Porges

“A healing environment is a safe environment & a safe environment is a healing environment.”

Self-care- Stretching, self-touch, sighing

3 types of sighs- relief, frustration, and contentment. A sigh is a slow exhalation that is made out loud.

5 minutes of viewing nature either in real life or on a video helps your nervous system return to feeling safe and social more quickly

Warmth and confidence are the top 2 qualities that people seek in a therapist.

Head here to learn more about attachment or head here to learn more about how I help clients survive and connect.


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