Feminine and Masculine Traits

Presenters: Chantelle Raven, Megan Lambert, Lion Galban

  • Masculine and feminine traits are separate from gender expression.
  • Some women avoid feminine traits due to unwanted sexual attention.
  • Our society over values masculine qualities.
  • Feminine traits are feeling, presence, receptivity, intuition. Masculine traits are thought, movement, power.
  • We may attract the masculine or feminine qualities that we are missing or may judge others who have the traits that we have rejected about ourselves. This may result in push pull dynamics within a relationship.
  • Men typically speak more than women. It was nice to see a male presenter defer to a female presenter to speak first.
  • Because you exist you have feelings and know how to have relationships. All of your feelings are welcome, positive or negative.
  • Feminine traits are feeling the process and masculine traits are planning and execution of the project.
  • Play a rage song or a sad song. Go into the feeling for the length of the song and stop when the song ends. This creates a container for the feeling and assists people who struggle with experiencing their emotions.
  • Have your masculine and feminine parts engage in a dialogue with each other.
  • Balance between masculine and feminine is figuring out how to take what I want without hurting others.
  • You don’t have to exhibit masculine or feminine traits in the same way that your parents do.

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